Group Overview

Resourcing the World

Today, natural resources become scarce while our needs increase in a more and more populated world, urbanized and confronted with the climate change. The people profoundly have to see again their actions about resources and invent a new model of more effective, more well-balanced, more long-lasting economic and social development. Expert of water, energy and waste businesses for more than 160 years, Veolia puts its capacity of innovation in the service of the continuation of the human progress, the performance of companies and territories, and well-being of the people. To switch between a logic of resources consumption and a logic of use and valuation in an economy become circular, we conceive and offer solutions to develop the access to resources, preserve and renew them. This is the way Veolia contributes to resource the world.

Developing access to resources

In a world where the needs increase whereas the reserves of the planet become scarce, the access to the essential resources becomes more complex and source of tensions. Regarding, to these challenges, Veolia develops long-term solutions to supply in the largest number the resources necessary for the well-being of the populations, for the attractiveness of territories and for the performance of companies: access to the drinking water and to the energy services for cities and their inhabitants, services to the industrialists to provide continuously the processes of production, or still sectors of valuation of materials from the circular economy.

Preserving the resources

Facing with increasing tensions about the resources, our collective responsibility is to save them and to protect them. Less consummate, better used and less degraded resources are so many new resources made available for the future.
Veolia so develops innovative and long-term solutions to take the strictly useful resource at the right place, at the right time and with the good process, by respecting the balance of the ecosystems to guarantee the future takings. Its expertises allow to optimize the use of these resources, not at all not to lose throughout the cycle of their use and to master the impacts downstream to guarantee the neutrality for the health and the natural areas.

Renewing the resources 

By reinventing its businesses, Veolia makes possible the creation of new "secondary" resources, which gradually come to compensate for the rarefaction of the "primary" natural resources. Thanks to the innovations in the recycling of the materials and the valuation of waste, Veolia spreads solutions allowing to increase considerably the life expectancy and the use value of the taken resources.
To loop the loop the circular economy, Veolia develops its expertise of the eco-design by accompanying the producers from the elaboration of production processes until the production of new materials stemming from transformed waste. Finally, in each of its businesses, and more still in their interfaces, Veolia produces completely new resources: Released heat by an industry becomes heating for houses, the effluents of wastewater become fertilizers or bioplastics, gases emitted by the waste treatment become electricity or biofuels …


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