Group Overview

Group Overview

Veolia accompanies, on all the continents, cities and industries in the management, the optimization and the valuation of their water resources, in energy and in materials, in particular stemming of the waste, by bringing them solutions of circular economy.

The mission of our 163 000 collaborators is to contribute directly to the long-term performance of our customers, private and public, to allow the men and the women to pursue their development while protecting the environment. To this end, we conceive and spread expert solutions to develop the access to the resources, protect them and renew them, so increasing their environmental, economic and social efficiency. This is the way Veolia contributes to resource the world.

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→ Group Key Figures

3 businesses :

Water, Energy, Waste

24, 39 billions

of turnover 

163 000 employees

in 5 continents

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•  100 million people supplied with water

 •  61 million people connected to wastewater systems

 •  4 052 water production plants managed

 •  2 928 wastewater treatment plants managed


 •  44 million MWh produced

 •  3.4 million collective housing units managed

 •  2 086 industrial facilities managed

•  551 heating and cooling networks managed


 •  40 million people provided with collection services on behalf of municipalities

 •  764 477 business customers (excl. industrial maintenance)

 •  45 million metric tons of treated waste

 •  591 waste processing facilities operated

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