Our footprint

We operate energy, water and waste activities all across the African continent. Our teams are active in 15 countries and contribute every day to creating customized, cost-effective solutions that reflect best practices, environmental protection and a better quality of life.

Map Africa 2016

Key contracts in Africa

  • Wastewater to Clean Water in Namibia (Wingoc): case study
  • Société d’Énergie et d’Eau du Gabon (SEEG): case study - website [French only]
  • Société d’Exploitation des Eaux du Niger (SEEN): case study - website [French only]
  • Improving Access to Clean Water and Sewage Services in Morocco (Amendis):
    case study - website [French and Arabic only] 
  • Removing Pollution from the Atlantic Coast and the Buoregreg Estuary in Morocco (Redal):
    case study - website [French and Arabic only] 

  • Water Management for a gold mine in Ghana (AngloGold Ashanti): case study

  • Waste management technical assistance in Djibouti: case study
  • ​Water Master Plan for Cameroon (Camwater): case study
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Kisumu, Kenya: case study
  • Management and technical support for water and wastewater in Mombasa, Kenya: case study
  • Increase in Short Term Availability of Drinking Water for the City of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: 
    ​case study