Resourcing the Planet

The cleanup of the bay of Tangier

Since 2002, significant investments have been made to equip all regions of Morocco with an important infrastructure for wastewater treatment. Veolia through its two subsidiaries Redal and Amendis greatly contributed to improving the water quality to preserve the cities immediate ecosystem where it operates and in particular the waterfront of cities like Tangier.

This infrastructure at the forefront of technology and processes, has mobilized a budget of 600 million Dirham, treats the wastewater of the city, more than 120,000 m3 /day, prior discharge to the sea via an emissary at 2.2 km from the shore. The construction is designed to ensure the pretreatment of 218,000 m3 per day in 2027, in order to support the development of the city and its region.

The treatment plant processes are certified ISO 14001 [certification for Environmental Management System] and it allowed Tangier beaches to be accredited the famous Blue Flag label, labeling awarded to beaches whose bathing water quality is among the best in Morocco.

Resourcing the planet