HR Policy

Leading player of the sustainable development, Veolia is responsible for making live and to develop a successful and ambitious social model. That of a human company, who federates his collaborators around strong values and which,completely committed in the present, prepares the future of its employees, its customers and the citizens.
By the very nature of its activities and organization, Veolia plays an active role in the community alongside regional governments, businesses and residents. As a multi-local business, Veolia ranks among the largest private local employers, and its workforce lives and works within the same community. This proximity to its customers not only helps Veolia respond more quickly to customer concerns, but is instrumental in strengthening ties between Veolia, municipal authorities and community residents.
A major force in bringing jobs to the community
In order to ensure optimal service quality, Veolia employees must be responsive to and thoroughly familiar with the regions in which they work. For that reason, Veolia draws its workers from the surrounding community. As a result, the company provides a boost to the local economy in each region where it operates.