Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to Africa

Our commitments to sustainable development
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Ensuring access to basic services, fair distribution of resources and conserve them for future generations are crucial challenges for our communities. Veolia works toward these goals on a daily basis by consistently monitoring our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ambitions add to our appeal with all our stakeholders, which most importantly include our customers, our employees, and our investors. The way in which we integrate into our environment, support our employees, and keep up a dialogue with our stakeholders determines our right to operate and has an impact on our competitiveness.

Our ambition translates into 9 commitments with 12 key indicators and objectives for 2020. Collaboration at every level in the Group has clarified and identified the priorities in Veolia’s CSR strategy. This long-term approach to progress goes right to the very top of the company. 
  • Commitments 1-3: Resourcing the planet

Sustainability is in the DNA of Veolia. It encompasses all that we do : providing access to resources, protecting and generating resources for generations to come. We are in a unique position where, due to our expertise and specialization, we are able to make a tangible difference towards the sustainable development of our planet.
We believe that everyone has a right to have access to resources. We strive to deliver this wherever possible, undertaking various activities across Africa to make this possible. As well as providing access to resources, Veolia is also concerned with the preservation of these resources, which are being depleted at an unprecedented rate. We have put innovation at the center of our activities and are working hard to develop new solutions for our customers which help to preserve these resources.
These solutions encourage resources to be recovered and reused wherever possible, through closed loop solutions. We also use our technical solutions to generate resources, such as energy and clean water. As with all our services, we are focused on creating solutions that reduce the footprint of our activities and those of our customers. This enables us to help to combat climate change – one of the most pressing challenges of the future.

  • Commitments 4-6: Resourcing the region
Veolia is deeply involved in the local areas where it operates. We use our expertise and influence to ensure that we enhance their social, environmental and economic development.
We take our role in the local community seriously. Ongoing stakeholder engagement allows us to identify local issues, understand our customers’ challenges and strengthen local relationships. This ongoing dialogue helps us to have a greater and more targeted impact.
Socially, we put a large emphasis on training and health and safety to ensure we have a safe and skilled workforce and our community engagement supports local charities and groups.
Environmentally, we undertake activities to preserve resources and enhance local biodiversity.
Economically, we help to support and boost local economies by prioritizing local employment and procurement and providing access to resources, such as drinking water, to those who cannot afford them.
We are also focusing on developing industries in the region such as oil & gas and mining.
We are using our expertise to help to develop cities, and provide more innovative solutions to local customers to help to preserve natural resources.
  • Commitments 7-9: Women and men we employ
At the end of 2014, Veolia had over 6,500 employees operating over 24 countries in Africa. In total, Veolia has activities in over 24 countries in Africa. These men and women work hand in hand with our industrial clients, local authorities and the people we serve to operate our business and sustain the company’s growth on a day-to-day basis.
Their skills and technical expertise are the chief assets of our company, so taking good care of our employees and developing their skills has become the cornerstone of our strategy.
As a leader in sustainable development, Veolia has always had a strong focus on its people.
All of our employees are united around our key core values. These values are crucial to our success both in the present and the future: entrepreneurship, responsibility and responsiveness.
We use their innovation, efficiency, creativity, professionalism and expertise to serve our customers across Africa and we work on specific development programs to maximize the potential of each and every member of our team.
ONE - Sustainably manage resources and foster the use of Circular Economy

>> 21,000 m3 of potable water produced per day

In Namibia, water is so scarce that part of the potable water is produced from treated wastewater.
The volume produced by the WINGOC plant represents one third of the city of Windhoek needs.
TWO - Participate in the fight against climate change

>> 22,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year

In Gabon, SEEG retrieves the unavoidable heat of its gas turbines and produces steam for the SOBRAGA brewery.
THREE - Preserve and restore biodiversity

>> More than 1 million customers participated in the campaign in 2014 

At Redal in Morocco, water and electricity awareness campaign have a double benefit of helping customers to reduce their bills through good water and electricity use, while helping to preserve precious resources.
FOUR - Build new models with our stakeholders

>> Water consumption savings of 50 to 75% 

By introducing pre-paid Saqayti standpipes in Morocco (areas that do not have individual connections), Veolia is helping to preserve both natural drinking water resources and electricity.
FIVE - Contribute to territories' attractiveness and development

>> ​Respectively 75% and 50% of the people of Kisumu city

In Kenya, Veolia through Seureca, the consulting engineer company of the Group, has successfully implemented the Long Term Action Plan for Water and Sanitation to ensure reliable water supply and sanitation facilities to respectively 75% and 50% of the people of Kisumu city.
SIX - Provide and maintain essential services for health and human development

>> 57,886 social connections in Niger

In Niger, SEEN implements a social policy for access to potable water, by setting up social connections and public standpipes.
SEVEN - Guarantee a safe and secure work environment

>> Frequency rate of 4.65 for the Africa & Middle East zone 

Prevention, health and safety issues are taken into account in the social agreements. A management system for prevention, health and safety is implemented in the Group.
EIGHT - Promote professional development and involvement of each employee

>> 8,100 days of training in Libreville training center (Gabon)
>> 20 training centers in 10 countries 

The Group’s training is available to all employees, from the day they enter the company and all along their professional career.
NINE - Guarantee the respect for diversity and fundamental human and social rights within the company

>> A literacy program for 64 employees 

Volunteer company employees and a local NGO provided the necessary educational support to 64 people who cannot read or write.