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...Above all we must lead, not follow.

Veolia's capacity to deliver innovative, customer-focussed, and proactive environmental solutions is credited to the company's admirable executive management design. With the “One Veolia” structure, all separate divisions now operate as a single unit to streamline processes and improve efficiency and consistency. Furthermore, both our Australia and New Zealand teams believe in embracing responsibility, demonstrating integrity, and exhibiting love to shape businesses and communities alike.

Our dedicated and empowered senior managers ensure that Veolia's day-to-day business operations remains smooth—from the allocation of resources to the development of new technologies; from goal setting to the creation of policies and strategies; from employee retention programs to client management processes; and finally, from the execution of services to establishing consistency and efficiency throughout.

The Executive Management meets on a regular basis to maintain Veolia's global edge in the waste, water, and energy services industry.

Executive Management Team