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Integrated By Design

Today more than ever before, natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, the challenges of urbanisation and consumerism, coupled with the impacts of climate change have ensured we must question our relationship with these resources, and develop innovative models that support growth and sustainability.

To make the switch from a resource consumption rationale to a use-and-recovery approach in today’s circular economy, Veolia designs and implements solutions aimed at improving access to resources while at the same time protecting and renewing those same resources.

We resource the world by using less and doing more through integrated design, plugging nature’s services back into the man-made world and providing the environmental infrastructure that forms the foundation for growth.

Our local knowledge teamed with global expertise ensures we have an intimate understanding of the issues you face across heavy, commercial and municipal industries.

Each and every day, Veolia’s employees together with our clients are resourcing the world. Read more about Circular Economy, Resource Recovery, Sustainability in Action and many other interesting and innovative topics: http://integratedbydesign.veolia.com.au/
Overview of Plug-Ins
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Our plug-in solutions for water, waste and energy are built to work together in one integrated system, so you use fewer resources and spend more time concentrating on your core business.

To learn more about the different plug-ins and create the perfect solutions mix for one of our core industries, please visit the Game page: http://game.integratedbydesign.veolia.com.au/
No matter what kind of operation you run, integrated design can help you increase efficiency and save money.