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Woodside Pluto LNG Project – An advanced solution for effluent treatment and demineralisation

As a part of one of Australia’s largest oil and gas development projects, Veolia designed and supplied an effluent polishing facility for the Pluto Onshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant.

Woodside Pluto LNG Effluent Treatment and Demineralisation Plant


Woodside is an Australian oil and gas company with a global presence, recognised for its world-class capabilities – as an explorer, a developer, a producer and a supplier.

Approved for development in July 2007, Woodside’s foundation Pluto LNG Project was established to extract gas from the Pluto and Xena gas fields, located in the Carnarvon Basin approximately 190 km north-west of Karratha, Western Australia.

Woodside faced a number of water related challenges on it’s A$12 billion Pluto project, one simply being the need to meet EPA requirements for the removal of toxic hydrocarbons from well-water.



Working in partnership with Woodside, Veolia designed and supplied an effluent polishing facility for the Pluto Onshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant. The plant was designed to recover produced water, treat oil contaminated water to remove hydrocarbons and treat recovered water onshore for reuse on site.

Drawing on international best-practice technology, Veolia’s water business designed and supplied an integrated effluent treatment package, which incorporated Veolia’s membrane, chemical, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) technology.

Veolia’s energy business provided the chilled water process cooling systems for the effluent treatment package. This included a refrigeration plant to ensure that wastewater temperatures remained below 25 degrees Celsius in order to achieve a favourable reaction in the Membrane BioReactor (MBR).

This solution fulfilled a range of purposes such as: removing carcinogenic hydrocarbons, providing processed water for turbine washing and boilers, capturing hydrocarbons for further use as well as demineralizing water for safe discharge.


Design and supply of an integrated effluent treatment package:
  • Process: Tilted Plate Interceptor (TPI), Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE™), chillers & coolers, Neosep™ membrane bioreactor (MBR), PICA™ activated carbon, reverse osmosis and ion exchange demineralisation
  • Application: Effluent water streams are treated for removal of contaminants for reuse in the demineralised plant or for discharge into environment.
Design and build of a packaged cooling plant for the wastewater processing modules which included:
  • 100% system redundancy
  • A skid design with complete building enclosure for the cooling system
  • Dual cooling from primary cooling tower and secondary chilled water
  • A 1.6 MW chilled water package system that included water cooled screw chillers, cooling towers, pumps, controls and electrical switchboards that met Zone 2, Class  IIB and Temperature Class T3 hazardous area requirements
  • Structural design of equipment tailored to meet site conditions.


  • Woodside’s Pluto LNG effluent treatment plant has achieved exceptional effluent water treatment quality, realised through the successful application of two innovative technologies as developed by Veolia, which have since become the benchmark for a number of gas developments across the country.
  • Thanks to the great professionalism of our team and selected contractors, the completion of these process packages were achieved with over 500,000 construction man-hours (for all packages) without any Lost Time Incidents.


100% system redundancy

1.6 MW chilled water package

Over 500,000 construction man-hours without any Lost Time Incidents.

Veolia was the recipient of the Chairman’s Excellence Award for ‘Demonstrated Environmental Performance of Wastewater Treatment at Pluto LNG Plant’, and the Environment and Heritage Award for the same project.