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Tomago Aluminum - Improving environmental performance for Australia’s biggest foundry

Veolia provides waste, water and energy services, as well as industrial services for Australia’s biggest foundry at Tomago in the Hunter region of New South Wales.

Tomago Aluminium
Tomago Aluminium (Tomago) is a leading manufacturer of aluminium products, currently representing 25% of Australia’s primary aluminium capacity. Tomago Aluminium is operated by Rio Tinto Alcan, Gove Aluminium Finance Ltd (CSR and AMP) and Hydro Aluminium. Part of the Hunter Region for 30 years, Tomago Aluminium is located around 13km north-west of Newcastle. The smelter produces around 540,000 tonnes of remelt ingot, T-ingot, extrusion billet and rolling slab per year.



Tomago’s key requirements were to arrest the decline in energy and water asset performance, reduce impact from waste and reduce the overall total cost of ownership. Tomago also required a solution provider that could ensure that services were delivered professionally and in a safe manner.



In 2005, Veolia signed an industrial cleaning and environmental services contract with Tomago Aluminium.  Since then, the Group has managed a host of services at the site of Australia's biggest foundry. Examples include grouped services such as high-pressure washing, vacuum loading, materials sorting and recycling and various ancillary services for smelting operations; waste management and resource recovery, including the removal of production process waste for recycling & recovery, collection of non-hazardous and recyclable waste and hazardous liquid waste; routine facility maintenance; and services for refractory installations, including withdrawal of the potline and casting ladles, installation and commissioning.
In 2012, Veolia entered in an agreement with Tomago for future on-site water recycling and reuse infrastructure.

Veolia also delivers Integrated HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) services including on-site mobile plant monitoring.

To reduce energy output and increase energy performance, Veolia developed a HVAC master plan, containing six key strategies to meet and exceed customer requisites; delivered by a management team who were trained in addressing the unique operating characteristics of Tomago’s facility.

To ensure service quality and coordinate with the customer, Veolia introduced a number of key performance indicators, which are reviewed monthly with the main stakeholders. This performance reporting highlighted the partnership's operational excellence and has received a number of awards for outstanding safety and environmental quality. Veolia was honored as a "leading supplier" for the quality of its services as a whole.



  • Reduction in environmental footprint.
  • Ongoing cost reduction.
  • Consistency and alignment in safety systems, processes and communication has contributed to building a strong safety culture.
  • A single point of accountability in optimising the performance of water and energy related assets to meet their whole of life potential.
  • Improved energy efficiency through HVAC asset management strategies.
  • Increased recovery of recyclable waste streams.


Opex saving of 25% over 3 years

An integrated Water, Waste and Energy solution


Brett Jones - Director, Tomago Aluminium, Veolia

"This comprehensive partnership enables us to rise to the day-to-day challenge of offering Tomago Aluminium the same level of safety and quality for all the services we provide at the Newcastle site."