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Hunter Valley Coal Miner: Ensuring security of supply and efficient transportation

Veolia provides equipment-cleaning services to a coal miner in the Hunter Valley that ensures security of supply and efficient transportation.

Hunter Valley Coal Miner

Australia is the world’s leading coal exporter, with black coal being the country’s second-highest trade commodity.

Operations for a leading global coal miner in the Hunter Valley and Mount-Thorley-Warkworth located in New South Wales, produce the majority of coking coal for steel production, as well as thermal coal for electricity generation globally.
Coal is washed and loaded onto trains, where it is then transported 90km to the Port Waratah coal terminal, and consequently shipped to international customers. To ensure this remains a smooth process, Veolia has partnered with the mining company to provide industrial cleaning services such as: the operation of wash bays for clean down of coal haulage trucks, cleaning large mobile equipment such as draglines, face shovels, excavators and drilling equipment, as well as the cleaning of both mines’ coal preparation plants.

Heavy industries within Australia and New Zealand face a number of challenges which need to be addressed. In order for profitability to remain, safety standards to be upheld and communities to be engaged, Veolia aims to partner with our clients to address these challenges, providing tailored, high quality solutions that are innovative and sustainable.



Coal mining equipment can be a challenge to keep clean. If it becomes jammed, so too does the running of coal extraction and transportation operations, which can result in increased costs. This can also threaten security of supply, efficient transportation and actual processing of the coal product.



The global coal mining organization contracted Veolia to provide complete cleaning services for its Hunter Valley operations in order to maintain its entire fleet of mining equipment including haulage trucks, processing plant, draglines, face shovels, excavators and drilling equipment.

Veolia provides industrial cleaning services throughout the coal miners operations that ensure security of supply and efficient transportation through the following:
  • Operation of wash bays to clean coal haulage trucks.
  • Industrial cleaning of draglines, face shovels, excavators and drilling equipment.
  • Industrial cleaning of coal preparation plants.
  • Waste management and resource recovery.


  • Equipment is maintained and cleaned.
  • Downtime is minimised ensuring costs are contained or reduced.
  • Supply and transportation of coal product is ensured.


  • Approximately 22 million tonnes of thermal and semi soft coking coal per annum.
  • A 10-year Master Services Agreement.

Doug Dean
Managing Director, Veolia Australia and New Zealand:

"Mining and heavy industry within Australia is facing an increasing number of challenges such as enlarged costs, uncertain commodity demands, investment and external competition. We remain committed to partnering with our clients to address their unique issues.”