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Kenya Water Treatment Plant: Clean Water, Clean Image

QGC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BG Group, one of the world's leading oil and gas companies, awarded Veolia a 20-year contract to manage its three coal seam gas (CSG) water treatment facilities in Queensland, eastern Australia. The facilities are on the sites of QGC in Kenya, Wolebee Creek and Windibri. Veolia was chosen for its unique expertise in managing the complete production water treatment cycle in the complex field of unconventional oil and gas. The company’s strong local presence was a decisive selling point.

Kenya Water Treatment Plant

The gas field operated by QGC spans 4,500 square kilometres. Plans call for drilling 6,000 wells by 2030 and Veolia will treat the production water of each new well brought on stream. In all, close to 200,000 cubic meters will be treated per day – the volume of 80 Olympic swimming pools - and a very high-quality end product will be guaranteed on a long-term basis. The production water – which is pumped up from the wells at the same time as the methane – has high salt content and must undergo complex treatment before it can be reused in industry or agriculture.

The water storage and transfer system consists of a number of aggregation ponds that allow blending of the associated water from the wells. This produces a consistent water quality.

The water treatment systems are a robust series of mainly physical processes that progressively clean the water to a pure, safe and consistent standard. The efficient reverse osmosis treatment process will convert almost 97% of produced water into treated water suitable for beneficial use.


When operating a CSG plant, water management is critical to its success. From an environmental standpoint, there is a lot at stake, where getting it wrong can mean ending up in paper for the all the wrong reasons. However, getting it right and the producer will maintain the confidence of the community.
QGC was in search of a partner who could operate and maintain the company’s three water treatment plants situated in the Surat Basin to support coal seam gas production operations.


In April 2013, Veolia was successfully awarded a 20-year contract to operate and maintain QGC’s three water treatment plants, which treat groundwater produced alongside natural gas. Veolia was chosen for its unique expertise in managing the complete production water treatment cycle in the complex field of unconventional oil and gas.
Utilising a highly skilled team of 55 employees including electricians, instrument technicians, plant operators and water engineers, Veolia operates and maintains the water treatment plants ultrafiltration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and brine concentration equipment in addition to pump stations and electrical substations.


  • Good for our clients, good for the community.
  • Water is cleaned to a pure, safe and consistent standard.
  • Clean water resources are then provided for irrigation.
  • Positive public image is maintained for the client through effective water management.


  • Capacity to treat 200,000mᶟ of production water per day.
  • 97% of treated water is reused.
  • Strict regulatory compliance and improved social
  • Acceptability.

Doug Dean
Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand:
"Australia has the world’s third biggest coal gas deposits after the US and Canada. The unconventional gas market will be one of the most active sectors in coming years."