Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry Solutions

Heavy Industry Solutions

Reliable. Innovative. Customised Solutions. Veolia works with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest, local and international heavy industry organisations, providing integrated environmental solutions across water and wastewater management, resource recovery, waste management solutions, and energy services.

Servicing Heavy Industries

Whilst we have local and wide-spread industry experience across heavy industry, what separates us is that we are also supported by a global organisation that provides access to innovative, best-practice technologies and project expertise.

Through our innovative approach to partnering, our team of Heavy Industry experts have the capability, experience and proven track record in delivering large-scale engineering and infrastructure projects including but not limited to; railways, dams, irrigation systems, harbour and river works, mining and metallurgy, manufacturing and processing, oil and gas projects, and water and gas supply systems.

Innovative Partnering

Effectively delivering environmental solutions is more than simply the supply of transactional services, and we recognise that operating in the heavy industry sector presents many unique challenges which need to be addressed including:
  • The increasing costs of doing business
  • Commodity demand uncertainty
  • Quality over quantity of projects
  • Fighting for investment and competition from emerging markets
  • Socially and environmentally responsible behaviour
  • Skills shortages and flexible labour demands
  • Improving safety culture and standardisation
  • Implementing new technology

Plugging in Veolia's Heavy Industry Solutions to your industry

In order for profitability to remain, safety standards to be upheld and communities to be engaged, we aim to plug-in to your business to redress some of these challenges:
  • Security of Supply
    We understand how important it is that your heavy industrial facilities run at full operational capacity; minimising delays and interruptions. Via effective, transparent planning and implementation, we ensures that materials such as coal, copper & gold, zinc, coal seam gas (CSG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are able to be extracted and processed as per you requirements; on time, on budget, without incident.
  • Access to Flexible and Highly Skilled Labour
    Our national coverage and employee base of over 4000 employees gives you the flexibility required for your various mining, oil and gas and manufacturing projects, including remote and/or regional operations.
  • Delivery of Technical Innovation
    Profitability is paramount for your business and with our access to world-leading technical innovation; we are uniquely placed to help your business increase efficiencies, reduce risks and increase safety performance.
  • Access to Both Specialised and Bundled Service Capabilities
    We can provide solutions which bundle our specialised capabilities across water, waste, industrial cleaning  and energy services; delivering economies of scale and a truly robust environmental competence.
  • Delivering a social license to operate
    When operating our facilities, considering your organisations and the wider community’s, environmental, social and cultural needs is an essential part of our ability to operate. We aim to deliver a bespoke community engagement plan for all works; this plan is collaborative and considers a cross-jurisdictional approach so that local communities, governments, industry, and your workers are engaged and catered for, and impacts are minimised.
Heavy Industry Solutions - Industrial Water Management
At Veolia we provide total water management solutions, securing the right quality and supply level of water to your industrial operations.
Heavy Industry Solutions - Industrial Cleaning
We offer an extensive array of industrial cleaning solutions, tailored to handle every aspect of industrial plant and industrial equipment cleaning.
Heavy Industry Solutions - Industrial Energy
As a leading provider of energy management solutions for heavy industrial sites and facilities, we can help you cost-effectively manage your total energy footprint.
Heavy Industry Solutions - Refractory Management
Our goal is to deliver customised, safe, complete refractory management solutions, from material selection and pre-planning through to technical support and condition monitoring; ensuring the long-term performance of your refractory.
Heavy Industry Solutions - Camp Construction
We offer a complete environmental management solution for remote and regional mining camps, including waste management and recycling services, energy management solutions and water supply and infrastructure.
Heavy Industry Solutions - Civil & Facility Maintenance
At Veolia our team of leading professionals and experts will put together a custom, end-to-end civil and facilities maintenance solution, that is capable of effectively handling your entire plant’s operations.