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Delivering Innovation. Delivering Efficiency. Veolia works within the processing and mining sectors including coal, iron ore, copper and gold to help organisations to reduce their environmental impact; focusing on water reduction, improved energy management and recovery of waste materials, whilst also maintaining operational and plant efficiency.

Mining Brochure
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Servicing the Mining Industry

Although slowing in recent times, mining has been a key economic driver for the Australia and New Zealand region over the past 20 years. Spurred by strong demand from emerging markets and teamed with significant mineral deposits within the region which have ensured supply, the “resources boom” has been a recognised economic phenomenon.
This new economic climate means that there are also new challenges to address; challenges that appear at many stages of the mining lifecycle, including:
  • Difficulties in gaining mining approvals
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Limited access to capital
  • Interrupted cash flow
  • Asset management requirements
  • Increased statutory and legislative requirements

Plugging in Veolia's Mining Solutions

Veolia works with many of Australia and New Zealand’s largest mining companies.  Our aim is to deliver truly valuable partnerships which help you maintain operational efficiency, safeguard security of supply, and reduce your environmental footprint whilst also ensuring that communities, governments and other key stakeholder groups are consulted with in an inclusive manner.
Our team of specialists can work with you on defining your challenges with a particular focus on water, energy and waste management to maintain your profitability and operational capacity in keeping with your own key performance indicators.


Solutions for each stage of the Mining Lifecycle

Mining Lifecycle

Connect with one of our mining specialists and ask for further information on how we can help.