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Woodlawn MBT

Woodlawn is an Eco-precinct at Tarago, 250km southwest of Sydney. The site was previously a copper, lead and zinc open-cut mine. Today, Veolia is rehabilitating the mine site, while providing a long-term sustainable solution for Sydney’s putrescible waste, and generating green energy.

Woodlawn Brochure
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Waste that’s no longer wasted

Woodlawn’s Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) receives household waste from a number of Sydney councils. Its process maximises the recovery of the organic content of household waste, which we then use to create a compost to rehabilitate the former mine site. 

Diverting up to 60% of household waste from landfill

Stage 1 of the MBT facility can process up to 144,000 tonnes of waste per year. Based on audit data, we expect to divert approximately 50-60% of participating councils’ household waste from landfill. 

Generating green energy

After converting the organic material into compost, we deliver the remaining waste to the Woodlawn bioreactor. The bioreactor enables us to rapidly stabilise waste by accelerating the waste decomposition process, while maximising the recovery of landfill gas, such as methane. This goes to our onsite BioEnergy facility, where it’s converted into green electricity – to ultimately power over 30,000 homes.

The waste journey

Woodlawn waste journey

Helping good things grow

In addition to the MBT facility and the bioreactor, the Woodlawn Eco-precinct consists of the following elements:

Agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture

The waste heat from the energy generation process is used at Woodlawn for fish farming. Hydroponic filtration then removes excess nutrients that can grow vegetables and fruit. The site also has a working farm that can carry 24,000 sheep for fine wool and fat lamb production.

Wind farm

Operated by Infigen Energy, this 48.3MW wind farm harnesses natural energy from an area renowned for year-round wind generation.

Better for the planet

Processing household waste at the Woodlawn MBT helps councils achieve their environmental goals and targets for waste diversion. At the site itself, our advanced control systems ensure the MBT facility meets strict environmental standards.

The compost that the MBT facility produces meets EPA standards and is suitable for progressive remediation of the contaminated mine site. It will ultimately have forestry and agricultural applications.

We currently power the MBT process from the grid, but we’re developing a solar farm to supply the bulk of its electricity and provide a local, sustainable energy solution.

Better for communities

We’re committed to supporting the communities where we work, and where our employees live.

The Woodlawn Eco-precinct has an ongoing engagement with the community around Tarago, particularly through the Veolia Mulwaree Trust. Since 2004 the trust has provided millions of dollars worth of funding for charities and projects that benefit communities within the Goulburn Mulwaree and surrounding regions.

Through a collaborative partnership with Keep NSW Beautiful, we also support environmental education services and community litter education campaigns in NSW. In 2016, 48,662 primary school students from 370 schools participated in our joint EnviroMentors program. 

Want to learn more about Woodlawn?

To see how it works, take a look at our animated infographic. You can find environmental and pollution monitoring reports in the reports section of our site. If you can't find what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

Community information phone line: 1800 241 750 during business hours.

Email: woodlawn@veolia.com