2016 Shareholders' meeting

2015 marked the successful completion of Veolia's ambitious transformation plan.

" The clear improvement in our 2015 results teaches us a crucial lesson in my view: Veolia can grow in a lackluster economic environment.  We have renewed our economic models and set in motion sales and marketing actions that are paying off handsomely, as evidenced by the many tenders won.  By capitalising on the benefits of the transformation of our Group, our 2016-2018 strategic plan will allow us to step up growth and strengthen our profitability. " 


We have met all the targets we had set ourselves and even exceeded many of them ".


Group Key Figures

€24.965 billion turnover 

revenue + 4.5%


Repartiton CA-EN

 100 million people supplied with drinking water 

 63 million people connected to wastewater systems

 4,245 drinking water production plants managed

 3,303 wastewater treatment plants managed


Collection services for more than 39 million people on behalf of local authorities

553,500 business customers

42.9 million metric tons of waste treated

 601 treatment plants operated


779 district and local heating and cooling networks

53 million MWh produced
3.4 million multi-family housing units managed

2,027 industrial facilities managed

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Did you know Veolia is able to generate green power from olive stones or coffee grounds?  Or to power cars with biofuel made from frying oil?...
Discover the amazing feats that the group achieves every day for its clients.
Let's transform a cargo ship into chairs, wastewater into heat and straw into electricity - these are new solutions for resourcing the world.
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