Careers at Veolia Environnement

Active in 48 countries, Veolia Environnement employees work in a variety of occupations that bring them in direct contact with local communities and respond to the major challenges of sustainable development.

Manual workers, Operative: 62% ; Supervisory, Technical: 16% ; Office workers: 13% ; Managers: 9%

Breakdown of employees by socio-professional category

Our employees take initiative and responsibility on a day-to-day basis. That's why we've organized our operations around decentralized, highly responsive units, which allow for considerable autonomy. Their wealth of skills serves the needs of local municipalities, industry and other clients.

Whether you like greeting and driving, waste-treating and recycling, advising and serving or distributing and collecting, working in a team or on your own, out on the street or in buildings, we have occupations that fit almost every type of professional aspiration at every skill level.