Our Human Resources Policy

As a leader in sustainable development, Veolia Environnement has a responsibility to devise an effective, ambitious employee relations model and make it a reality. The model has to work for an ever more people-centered company that unifies employees around strong values and plans for the future of employees, customers and the world.

Creating and disseminating a culture of professional excellence

The skills and knowledge brought by employees is the chief asset of a service company such as ours.

Veolia Environnement wants to recognize our employees' merit and dedication by providing them with ways to advance in their careers. As such, we encourage professional and geographic mobility, individual development plans, a fair compensation policy and an expanding employee shareholder base, all of which combines to offer motivation for professional and personal development.

Affirming our role as company that supports communities and people

Because we are diverse by nature and open to the world at large, Veolia Environnement makes mutual support a top priority of our Human Resources policy.

Our respect for diversity, support for our most vulnerable employees and advancement of employee-employer dialogue reflect this strong commitment. The dissemination of human resource standards promotes equal opportunities for all our employees everywhere in the world by guaranteeing decent living and working conditions and access to basic education.

The Veolia Environnement Foundation is dedicated to integrating the underprivileged into the community through support for local initiatives sponsored by Veolia Environnement's employees.

Developing our employees' professional skills

Through a new on-the-job training policy that benefits both employees and customers, we anticipate and keep up with changes in our businesses and the specific needs of the communities we serve. The Campus Veolia Environnement network offers secure and motivating career training programs.

As soon as employees start working at Veolia Environnement, we implement a customized integration plan tailored to their background, the diversity of our businesses and organizations and specific operational requirements. The process can take different forms, such as Manager Induction Days, breakfast meetings, field training and more.

Offering quality working conditions

The best way we can serve as a role model for excellence is in the field, where we focus each day on devising new ways to improve the working conditions of our employees.

To that end, we promote a quality work environment that encompasses workplace injury and occupational illness prevention and a healthy work-life balance. We hold employees and their managers accountable for workplace health and safety, and do all we can to help our employees be more effective in supporting our customers and the millions of users we serve worldwide each day.