The Veolia Environnement Brand

The Veolia Environnement Brand is an invisible asset that supports our goal of achieving recognition as a company that helps balance growth and environmental protection.

It serves as an umbrella for our knowledge and expertise in four businesses that are essential to all: water, energy, waste management and transportation.

Dalkia, Veolia Environnement Energy Services division, is held 66% by Veolia and 34% by EDF, the French national electricity company.

How Our Brand Is Organized

Level 1: Veolia Environnement

Veolia Environnement is an umbrella Brand that sums up what we do in a single business: we provide environmental solutions.
Veolia Environnement is not translated and is used globally.

Level 2: Veolia Business

The Business Brand embodies our expertise in one of our four business areas.
The descriptive nouns for the businesses are translated into the language of the host country.


Level 3 : Specialty Brand

Specialty Brands indicate a technical or industrial area of Veolia know-how. The logos are printed in Veolia typeface. Specialty Brands can be paired with the Business Brand or the Veolia Environnement Brand if they involve cross-business expertise.


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Level 4: Local Brand

The Veolia Environnement Brand has roots in more than one region. We have guidance for internal use governing our Brand system's approach. This is for internal use only.

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Our Brand's Identity

Creative solutions for our environment is the Veolia Brand's mission. It reflects our ambition, which is to provide comprehensive, high-value-added solutions that balance growth and environmental protection.

This commitment is the lodestar of the 331,200 women and men who work for Veolia Environnement. Every day, around the world we strive to manage water sustainably, turn waste into a resource, develop cleaner, more efficient energy systems and provide passengers with sustainable transportation solutions.

Each and every day our employees demonstrate our Brand's ability to create solutions for the environment, through four key Brand attributes.


Provide cutting-edge technological, contract and social solutions.


Commit to delivering quantifiable results through practical, sustainable solutions.

Client-oriented approach

Offer customized solutions in partnership with local stakeholders.

Social responsibility

Improve living conditions in ways that are sustainable.

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