Energy services

Veolia Environnement's Energy Services Division optimizes the energy and environmental efficiency of the facilities it manages. It does it through a complete range of services that includes choosing the most appropriate energy systems, making production and processing plants more energy efficient, maintaining and managing heating and cooling networks and leveraging carbon dioxide (CO2) savings.


  • Management of heating and cooling networks
  • Optimization of industrial utilities
  • Improvement of building energy performance


  • Continuing growth in several major geographic areas, including Europe, North America and China.
  • Extending research and development to pollution — emission treatment and carbon — capture projects.

Key Figures

  • European leader in energy services
  • €7,664 million in revenue
  • 49,800 employees around the world
  • 800 district and local heating and cooling networks
  • 4.5 million apartment complexes heated
  • 133,000 energy systems managed
  • 4,600 industrial sites managed
  • 23,000 educational, cultural, sport and leisure establishements
  • 6,000 healthcare institutions and 380,000 beds

Veolia Environnement's energy services optimize energy efficiency for our industrial and municipal clients.