Waste management

Veolia manages municipal and industrial waste processes, from flow logistics upstream to technologically advanced treatments downstream.

As the only global operator to provide a complete range of waste management solutions, Veolia covers the entire waste cycle, including urban cleaning services, soil and site remediation, collection, sorting, transfer, treatment and recycling/recovery.


Veolia is committed to two goals:

  • Reducing the pollutant load of waste, to mitigate the environmental impact of rising waste production.
  • Pushing forward with recycling and recovery activities, as prerequisites for future growth.

This dual mission takes on even greater importance as global regulations prioritize environmental protection, controlling urban and industrial growth and resource conservation.


  • Environmental and flow logistics services, including cleaning, site remediation, pipe systems maintenance, and waste collection consolidation and transfer for local authorities and businesses.
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste sorting, treatment and recycling, composting, landfilling and physical-chemical treatment.
  • Conversion of waste to energy, organic matter and recycled raw materials.


  • Accelerating the division's international growth in Asia, North America and Europe.
  • Modeling and intensifying its integrated municipal and industrial waste management services.
  • Lengthening its lead in waste treatment technology.
  • Continuing the industrialization of processes to recycle more and more resources.

Key Figures

  • €9,083 million in revenue
  • 64,291 employees
  • 575,000 business clients (excl. industrial maintenance)
  • Over 47 million people served under local public authority contracts
  • 25.7 million metric tons of waste recovered as materials and energy
  • 686 treatment facilities around the world