Water management

Veolia has 160 years of experience managing public water and wastewater services under public-private partnerships. Its expertise includes research and development teams and its subsidiary, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, which continually develops innovative analytical, treatment, wastewater and recycling techniques spanning the entire water cycle.


  • Management of water and wastewater services for municipal and industrial clients.
  • Design/build of technological solutions and facilities necessary to deliver water and wastewater services.

This unique know-how, shared by all Veolia personnel through best-practice exchanges, is deployed on behalf of the millions of people the division serves each day. Veolia provides municipal and industrial clients with quality services in public health protection, leak reduction, improved productivity (plants and pipelines) and water conservation.


  • Tapping growth opportunities, especially in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Continuing efforts to improve efficiency.
  • Developing analysis and research tools to assess and track the performance of membrane technology.

Key Figures

  • World leader in water treatment services
  • €12,078 million in revenue
  • 89,094 employees
  • Drinking water and wastewater services provided to 171 million people

Veolia specializes in water and wastewater services for municipal and industrial clients, deploying specific solutions tailored to local needs worldwide.