Our history

Founded at the dawn of the industrial era and the start of urban development, Veolia Environnement has continually adapted to political, social and cultural changes over the past 160 years. Now our goal is to stay a step ahead, by finding answers to the questions of the future: namely, which technologies, organizational and partnership models, human and technical resources will be needed 10 years from now to meet the challenges of a planet occupied by 8 billion people, half of them living in urban environments?
Going beyond our daily contract services to raise — and answer —these vital questions means acting as a global reference and a leader in all our activities.


From the creation of Compagnie Générale des Eaux to the first contract outside France.


From first innovations to our 100th anniversary.


From the first multiservice contracts to the consolidation of our four businesses within a single reporting entity.


From stock exchange listing to the rollout of a single brand name.


From the nomitation of Antoine Frérot to refocusing the business.

160 years - 2013

Veolia celebrates 160 years of service to cities, regions and local communities.