CSR Performance

As a world leader in environmental solutions, Veolia Environnement seeks to set the standard in sustainable development. The scale of this challenge means transforming the company into a yardstick for exemplary performance.

That's the reason for our decision to introduce a series of indicators to gauge results with regard to environmental issues, human resources and sustainable purchasing — elements that comprise Corporate Social Responsibility. This rigorous system of feedback we've developed allows the company to continuously improve its CSR performance through quantified targets and action plans.

Managing societal performance

Through the services it provides, Veolia Environnement develops deep roots in local communities by playing a direct part in their everyday lives. Our expertise and the innovative solutions we provide give us increased access to basic services across a diverse spectrum of contexts and countries, and thus meet the needs of the public authorities that entrust us with the management of their services.

Managing environmental performance

Since 2002, Veolia Environnement's Environmental Management System (EMS) has been used to accurately gauge our progress on public health and environmental issues.

Managing social performance

Since 2001, the company also has developed a range of indicators used worldwide. This methodology enables Veolia to share a unique tool that reflects operational and human resources practices across divisions and geographic regions.

Managing sustainable purchasing

Veolia first introduced performance indicators for sustainable purchasing in 2009. These measures cover the need to train buyers in sustainable development and ensure that suppliers take into account similar issues. They provide a credible, reliable cornerstone of the company's sustainable purchasing policy.

Extra-financial rating

Veolia Environnement is evaluated on criteria such as governance, human resources management and environmental performance through which it qualifies for inclusion in specialized stock-market indexes (SRI*).

 * Socially Responsible Investing