Veolia Environnement is currently a benchmark in its field partly due to the management of its purchasing and suppliers. That's why developing efficient and responsible relations with suppliers is essential for our continued success.

A source of value creation and competitive advantage, the Purchasing function contributes through its supplier policy, to optimizing the company's performance and supporting its sales growth.

With external expenses over 46% of total revenue, Purchasing is intimately linked with the company's business activities, and incorporates its sustainable development commitments.

The organization of the Purchasing function is based on the complementary nature of approaches specific to each business and cross-divisional strategies. The former ensure a maximum degree of contact with the operational entities, while the latter ensure maximum leverage from the company's purchasing power.

To optimize exchanges and responsiveness, Veolia Environnement's Purchasing Department has adopted a network structure. Lead buyers are appointed by purchasing category and for a given geographic area. This allows the function steer the overall purchasing strategy and implement a working group that is representative of the departments and entities concerned.

Breakdown of expenses by division

Breakdown of expenses by geographic area

Breakdown of expenses by type of field