Improving quality of life and raising awareness

Making cities cleaner, saving water, promoting public transportation, enhancing energy solutions for buildings... the list goes on: every day, Veolia Environnement works closely with local authorities to safeguard living standards and contribute to balanced urban growth.

Offering creative solutions that will stand the test of time

Through its four core businesses, the company is committed to offering creative solutions that will stand the test of time... solutions that transform the urban landscape and improve living conditions for people around the world.

We're developing tools to detect, identify and extract unwanted odors from drinking water and to enhance the overall quality of water. Elsewhere, we are focused on reducing noise pollution and unwanted smells from public transportation and creating waste collection services that help improve people's personal environment. Our efforts to produce biogas from decomposing waste make it possible to develop new energy sources to power refuse-collection vehicles. And that's a plus, because in the near future, heavy-goods vehicles, road sweepers and buses will run on biogas.

Better understanding the expectations of people living in cities

Improving quality of life means understanding the expectations of city dwellers and taking into account the specific characteristics of their urban environment. That's why Veolia Environnement set up the Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles. This sociological body of research gives local authorities feedback on residents' expectations and priorities. It also offers vital insight into urban issues and helps Veolia Environnement better adapt its services.

Raising city dwellers' awareness of environmental issues

Because everyone has a part to play in improving living standards, Veolia Environnement seeks to promote awareness-raising campaigns that can better inform city residents of the advantages of changing their everyday lives in ways that help the environment. This includes everything from using water and energy more efficiently to taking public transit more often and sorting waste. Veolia provides educational resources to authorities and schools to raise the awareness among young people of the need to safeguard natural resources.