The Veolia Environnement Foundation

Created in May 2004, the Veolia Environnement Foundation is one of the five leading private-sector foundations in France, both for its financial endowment and for the number of projects to which it contributes.

Projects and people

The Veolia Environnement Foundation supports non-profit community-oriented projects contributing to outreach, workforce development and environmental conservation, in France and internationally.

The Foundation is unique in that every project it supports is accompanied by a sponsor, who is a Company employee, and because it provides the expertise of employee volunteers, joined together in Veoliaforce, in the areas of emergency aid and development.

Veoliaforce: Commitment to humanitarian aid

The French Red Cross and Veolia Environnement Foundation renew their partnership

In January 2012, the Veolia Environnement Foundation and the French Red Cross renewed their partnership through a new five-year agreement. For the past 14 years, the two organizations have joined forces to respond to humanitarian emergencies and their aftermath, restoring access to basic services for vulnerable populations, such as water and wastewater services, energy and waste management.

The Foundation provides support to Red Cross teams in making available its equipment, technical expertise and volunteers.

In 2012, 128 new projects were undertaken and Veoliaforce volunteers spent over 1,200 days in the field.

Three priority areas of action

Humanitarian emergencies and development aid

  • The Foundation provides emergency aid during natural disasters and humanitarian crises: access to water and wastewater services, energy and waste management.
  • The Foundation promotes development projects for these vital services, which represent the core professions of Veolia Environnement.

Social cohesion and job counseling

  • The Foundation supports projects in the field of workforce development to help people outside mainstream society find a stable job, fostering the transition to work through economic activity.
  • Since finding a lasting job is a priority objective, the Foundation encourages building "bridges" between the jobseekers and the Company's business divisions.

Environmental conservation and biodiversity protection

  • The Foundation supports major international programs focused on rehabilitating and protecting exceptional ecosystems.
  • The Foundation also participates in many awareness-raising and communication projects to encourage behavior patterns that show greater respect for the environment.

Since its creation in 2004, the Foundation has supported over 1,000 projects, half of them outside France, and has conducted more than 150 expertise missions.