Creative solutions for a sustainable industry

Already a leading provider of multi-service solutions to industrial clients, Veolia Environnement has reinforced its range of services and set an objective of increasing the portion of revenues generated from industrial clients from 30% to 40% over the next three years.

Proposing durable solutions

In response to increasing environmental concerns and in anticipation of new legislation, Veolia brings innovative, long-term solutions that combine environmental and financial performance.

Multi-service solutions

Managing outsourced services at defense base in Creil

A joint venture between Veolia and DCNS, a European specialist in naval defense systems, has taken over responsibility for managing services outsourced on a French military base in Creil.

The first multiservice outsourcing operation includes:

  • management of technical maintenance,
  • passenger transport,
  • concierge services and
  • catering.

Key objectives include improving efficiency and quality of service, achieving savings of around 20% compared to previous operating costs and a commitment to exemplary environmental performance. The operation is part of the French Defense Ministry's reform of structures and modes of operating, which will be eventually extended to 60 bases.

The first service company to receive this recognition

Automaker PSA recognizes Veolia's sustainability contribution

PSA Peugeot Citroen extended its contract with Veolia Environnement in 2011 at three production sites in eastern France (Sochaux, Mulhouse and Vesoul) for an additional five years.

The quality of the relationship, first established in 2003, was highlighted through Peugeot's presentation to Veolia of its 2011 "Supplier Award", the first time that a service company has received the recognition. Veolia has helped its client reduce consumption of energy by 22% and water by 50% while also recycling or recovering 100% of waste generated.

Developing innovative energy solutions

In energy, the company provides manufacturers with a range of services spanning studies, engineering, procurement, operations and maintenance. These solutions help customers reduce energy supply costs, better manage consumption and use tools that improve energy production, distribution and usage. As a result, a number of manufacturers have chosen to tap into their own biomass energy potential.

Customized solutions

Netherlands: Sara Lee transforms its waste into renewable energy

In Joure, Netherlands, Sara Lee's roasting plant has found an innovative way to reduce the cost of producing the vast quantities of steam required on a daily basis. Following an in-depth study, Dalkia developed a unique drying system for Sara Lee, whereby the spent coffee grounds from the plant's processes are incinerated and transformed into steam. This innovative and economical solution has enabled Sara Lee to support its growth in liquid coffee production, while at the same time reducing its carbon footprint and meeting the critical challenge of repurposing unavoidable byproducts.

Offering effective discharge treatment methods

Veolia Environnement also works to help manufacturers treat their industrial discharge as effectively as possible. The first task is to select the best type of treatment given the specific nature of the discharge. The next phase is to step up treatment processes and make them more reliable. This involves improving treatment results, reducing energy consumption, making facilities more reliable, ensuring long-term efficiency and safeguarding operations.

Leveraging expertise in social engineering

Offering manufacturers creative, effective solutions means also making the most of Veolia Environnement's expertise in social engineering. It means managing complete service contracts, integrating new skills, covering staff transfers and providing training where needed.

Personnel management solutions

The contract between Renault and Veolia Environnement

The contract signed with Renault in France is a good example: outsourcing 21 client operations and integrating them into Veolia Environnement activities (cleaning; waste management; maintenance of buildings, parks and gardens; rail logistics; etc.), with more than 1,000 employees transferred from Renault to Veolia Environnement.