A new approach to city management

Veolia Environnement's four businesses (water management, waste collection and recycling, mobility solutions and energy optimization) represent the major urban and environmental issues faced by local authorities. Veolia plays a key role alongside municipal, regional and national officials in leveraging its expertise to offer innovative solutions tailored to local challenges.

Through its long-term approach to contracts, Veolia Environnement underscores its commitment to working with policy makers on sustainable solutions. At the same time, the company continues to enhance its expertise through an in-depth understanding of the real issues faced by the communities to which it provides services. We are increasingly invested in comprehensive long-term contracts that mean going beyond our role as a facility operator to incorporate factors such as financing, design and evaluation of environmental performance into our business activities.

Urban-planning operations

We've developedand implemented urban-planning operations by taking a cross-category approach to urban development, as embodied in our Eco Environnement Ingénierie (2EI) solutions.

Performance criteria

As a result, Veolia Environnement has embarked on win-win partnerships with authorities through which part of our fees are paid based on our ability to meet performance criteria which are incorporated into contracts. Examples include safety, business performance and environmental impact.

Real-time information

Real-time information for users paves the way for improved business performance underpinned by an increasingly responsive, tailored approach to customer relations.

Veolia Water's extranet, for instance, allows local authorities to monitor work carried out on their network, check billing and access useful information.

The Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles

The company has set up the Veolia Observatory of Urban Lifestyles: a rich source of information that improves awareness of the priorities and expectations of the inhabitants of some of the world's biggest cities. Findings are regularly updated, giving local authorities information on the needs and wishes of the people they serve, while at the same time influencing Veolia Environnement's decisions in terms of our strategy development and the solutions we can provide.