Research & Innovation

Veolia Environnement research teams provide innovative, practical solutions in their fields of expertise to the major challenges of world-wide demographic, urban and economic growth.

Preparing today's environmental services for the challenges of tomorrow

Veolia Environnement's Research and Innovation (VERI) Department focuses on several of the most significant environmental challenges facing today's world, including rapid urbanization and exploding population growth, scarcity of natural resources, access to water and climate change.

The company's expertise and technological capabilities are a source of differentiation; they allow us to play a unique and leading role in designing services for the environment of tomorrow and provide the company with a vital competitive edge.

Innovating for a better tomorrow

To meet the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow, Veolia Environnement research teams work to develop innovative solutions that are practical, effective and cost-accessible.

Our major focus areas involve intelligent energy buildings and smart grids, water recycling, new seawater desalination membranes, treatment of new waste materials, eco-neighborhoods and bioresources.

Developing green technologies together

These crucial innovations contribute to economic development that respects people and the environment.

More than ever, environmental concerns require innovations based on green technologies. showcases forward-looking solutions

The new website on sustainable cities aims to provide a breeding ground and a catalyst for solutions able to shape the future of our urban spaces, to help us work together in creating the city of tomorrow.

The cities of tomorrow