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World Water Day 2016

It's World Water Day on March 22, 2016 ! This year's theme is "Water & Jobs" so we would like to use this special day to raise awareness of how precious the Water is and how Veolia contributes to resource it, along with creating jobs.

In order to act together on World Water Day, Veolia Middle East has developped this year a Tool Kit to raise awareness on where water comes from and how it contributes to our day to day lives as well as our jobs!

The idea is an Interactive activity with a group with different people at each station to give their aspect of Water & Jobs. Find below the purpose for each station and a brief explanation.
World Water Day - Poster Pack 2016
PDF - 2.16 MB
DOWNLOAD the World Water Day Poster Pack to have all the information to perform the group activity !


STATION 1: Veolia, Water & Jobs

This station is about understanding what Veolia employees everyday contribute to and how Veolia helps to support water on a global basis.

110,000,000 m3 of potable water produced from Sea Water Reverse Osmosis


More than 200,000,000 m3 of wastewater treated


STATION 2: What uses water in the office & at home? How many bottles of water does that equal? 

This station is about building an awareness of where we use water every day and how much water is used in each.


Did you know that:
•Water flow rate impacts water consumption of households significantly
•Reducing the flow decreases not only  the water consumption but also the electricity consumption as less water needs to be heated


STATION 3: Where does water come from in the region? How much energy is that? Is it safe? What can you use tap water for?

This station is understanding where our water comes from before the tap, how it’s treated and what we can use it for.

Reverse Osmosis Key Facts

Carbon Footprint
3,500 gCO2/m3 of water treated


Reverse Osmosis Membranes 2

Uses 4000 KWh of energy to produce 1 liter of water…. That’s the same as 2 barrels of oil!

STATION 4: How to reduce water consumption ?

This station is to show how you can change your environment or your behaviours to reduce your water consumption.

Use this poster to remind yourself all the time how to save water

Water Saving Tips
PDF - 2.03 MB

STATION 5: Water bill challenge: Check your consumption and compare to country consumption, why? 

This station is to compare your water consumption to that of your friends, colleagues, classmates, family and to see how it compares to country statistics.

In order to understand your water consumption increase or decrease, here are some hints and tips:
- More people = Higher consumption
- Use the Eco setting of your dishwasher
- Use waterless products to wash your car
- Use the dual flush of your toilet

Discover the complete data and information in the World Water Day Poster Pack 2016 ! Have fun reducing your water consumption !