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ForCity: Urban Planning & Modelling

Today, natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce while our needs are growing in an ever more densely populated and urbanized world facing climate change issues. The world has to rethink its relationship with resources and come up with new social and economic growth models that are more efficient, better balanced and more sustainable.

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Why make your mistakes in real life at great expense and time? Instead, do your experiments on the computer, where mistakes are "free." Of course, this only works if you have the skills and computing power to model complex systems with great accuracy.

With ForCity, strategic partner of Veolia,we have the capability to help you build a decision-support tool for urban planning based on the city’s challenges and systemic models. This decision support tool could enable your city to optimize its strategic choices by allowing the comparison of different strategies through maps, 3D scenes, graphics and tables. It will deliver short-term tools for decision support for urban development of strategic districts of the city with a first focus on energy, water and waste management.
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ForCity: a break through approach for smart governance

1. The "experienced start-up"

ForCity is an independent company based in Lyon, France, founded by two individuals after a long managing experience in urban services and environment and after a four year R&D program dedicated to urban modeling. ForCity benefited from
pilot projects 2009-2013 in Mexico City, Singapore, and Lyon (France). In order to aggregate knowledge, ForCity partners with world-class academics and leading companies such as Veolia.

2. Looking into the complexity of urban change

When public decision makers plan big projects for their City, there is one thing they know for sure: things will not happen the way it was designed. After two or three years, they just know that they don’t know. Why is that so? Because a city is not a simple, deterministic body.
So the first rule with ambitious Cities is to keep adaptable in decision making. But what if they could also anticipate the way that myriad of interferences happen? What if the decision makers could play their projects within a digital city lab that simulates the interactions and the systemic behavior of the City?
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3. A window to the future

ForCity allies unique field experience and academic knowledge, alone and together with its partners. ForCity creates a digital platform in the city, which allows the users to simulate their own projects within their systemic, moving environment, to simulate the interactions between different projects and between the projects and external players, to simulate scenarios of decisions considering different sets of assumptions, and to compare these scenarios with regard to common KPIs.
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4. Integration, cooperation, communication
The key words of ForCity are consubstantial to the concept:
  • Integration: because ForCity core business is integrating problematic and models.
  • Cooperation: because ForCity offers a collaborative platform, where different users, from businesses or public administration, may simulate their own projects and decide to keep information for themselves or to share with some others or to open it to everyone.
  • Communication: because the 3D representation of data and results allows for breakthrough ways of communicating a vision and impact of every project.

Benefits for Smart Cities

On the short term, your city benefits for several deliverables that gives a growing perspective of the future potential of the ForCity platform: digital Mirror City, early simulations of energy issues, early intermediate version of user interface, intermediate implementation of dynamic land use and transport simulations etc.

Then your city will be able to answer in a complete new way to strategic questions related to waste, energy, water issues, linked with construction and business development, and the number of separate projects that are associated.

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