Veolia Nordics

First in the industry to demonstrate certified sustainability work

As a global leader within innovative environmental solutions for society and industries, sustainability is a natural part of our activities. With several customers within the industry, business and public sector, we also note an increased demand for responsibility with regards to environmental, financial and social matters.

In order to support our work with creating long-term solutions, in 2010 we launched a comprehensive sustainability solution which resulted in a certification according to AFAQ 26000. AFAQ 26000 is a method of evaluation of organisations’ compliance with the international standard ISO 26000, which has been developed by the French consultancy AFNOR.

The certification took place in the summer of 2013 and was carried out by AFNOR supported by the Swedish consulting company GoodPoint who are experts within sustainable development and ISO 26000. We attained the highest level, Maturity.

Attaining “Maturity” at such an early stage is something that we are proud of and something that will drive us into the future. Having an external operator to certify our sustainability work, we not only get the acknowledgment that our dedicated efforts pay off, we also learn to shape the world through our work within sustainable development even in the future.”
 – Mikael Jansson, CEO Veolia Nordic

With the certification, we hope to be able to inspire both customers and competitors to prioritise sustainability in their operations but also in future procurement. For our customers, the certification means an assurance that the tasks assigned to us will be carried out in a genuinely sustainable manner.

Background ISO 26000
The international sustainability standard ISO 26000 has been developed in co-operation between businesses, consumer associations, non-profit organisations and authorities. The standard is a guideline for sustainability and CSR work and relies on seven founding principles, which combined constitute the body and must be taken into account by every organisation applying the standard. Read more about ISO 26000 on SIS, the Swedish Standard Institute’s website: