Facility management

Veolia offers complete building operations solutions to let you focus on your core business. Whether yours is a public sector, commercial or industrial property, energy performance, indoor air quality and property maintenance must all be optimal. Our experience and broad expertise when it comes to energy, building operation and maintenance provides you with a management solution that stands out for its reliability, availability, as well as cost and energy efficiency.

We offer four service selections:

Operation and maintenance

We take responsibility for the supervision and upkeep of your buildings by operating and maintaining technical building equipment structured according to the industry’s AFF codes.
The division of responsibilities between you and us is clarified by a demarcation list. We continuously present the results of our inspection rounds, supervision and feedback on both current status and proposed improvement measures.
This includes:
  • Supervision, upkeep and corrective maintenance


A function agreement allows you to minimise unforeseen costs and breakdowns, while at the same time it establishes certainty regarding performance and maintenance costs over the long-term. We are responsible for supervision and upkeep, and for maintaining the technical building equipment. The condition and maintenance requirements of all technical systems are established at contract start-up, resulting in a maintenance plan to ensure system functionality. We guarantee indoor air quality and reliability, as well as other measurable indicators.
This includes:
  • Supervision, upkeep and corrective maintenance
  • Availability guarantee
  • Guaranteed temperature levels and air flow rates
  • Establishment of maintenance plan
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Energy Performance Guarantee (EPG)

Under an EPG agreement, you are provided with a guaranteed reduction in your energy consumption, as we absorb the entire additional cost if consumption should exceed the guaranteed level. If consumption falls below the guaranteed level, the savings are shared between you and Veolia. An EPG agreement also means that minimising the property’s energy consumption creates added value for users.
This includes:
  • Guaranteed energy consumption level
  • Energy monitoring and analysis performed by energy experts
  • Detailed reporting on potential savings and guaranteed level
  • Transparent and objective measurement of savings achieved through reliance on an international standard, IPMVP
  • Data link with real-time monitoring of the property
  • Monitoring of technical installations 24 hours a day

Hubgrade - innovatiivinen energiaoptimoinnin ratkaisu kaikentyyppisiin laitoksiin.

Energy monitoring and analysis

Do you want to get your energy consumption under control, avoid unpleasant surprises and stay one step ahead? By signing an Energy Monitoring and Analysis Agreement, you will receive continuous round-the-clock energy monitoring, with all data analysed and reported back to you. We refine your existing methods and give you tips on how to save energy. Our energy monitoring system (EMS) helps us to visualise the properties’ energy consumption, providing you with continuous energy statistics monitoring.
This includes:
  • Monitoring of technical installations 24 hours a day
  • Energy monitoring and analysis performed by energy experts
  • Contract periods of 2 years and above, short notice periods
  • Continuous evaluation of the partnership

Options – Energy savings incentives

Incentives can be added as an option to the above agreements on operation and maintenance, function, and energy monitoring and analysis, respectively. Expanding these to include energy incentives puts greater emphasis on energy efficiency and performance. We share the savings achieved. Our portion of the savings is used to finance the resources invested in bringing about the result. We bear the cost of implementation. The agreement is based on an agreed level of energy consumption, determined with reference to consumption history and initial measurements. We implement and monitor energy-saving measures.
This includes:
  • Implementation of energy saving measures and reporting
  • Contract lengths from 3 years and up
  • Energy monitoring and analysis performed by energy experts