Health care

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The healthcare sector has to provide the best possible level of care while keeping costs under control at the same time. On the basis of this challenge, Veolia has been developing services for decades to support the healthcare sector’s core business.

We give you the ability to:

  • Control your operating costs
  • Optimise the safety and quality of care
  • Increase the satisfaction of both patients and employees
We can optimise your support functions and improve the security and reliability of your healthcare facilities to help your medical operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our undertakings to our clients are tailored to each specific assignment, and cover technical equipment, energy supply, supervision and monitoring of support functions, and even the maintenance and upkeep of buildings.
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Our energy and the environmental undertakings:

  • Energy supply and distribution within a facility, as well as uninterruptible power supply
  • Energy savings through efficiency measures
  • Lower emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Guaranteed service levels

Our technical services:

  • Comprehensive property management including buildings and technical building installations
  • Ensuring optimal indoor air quality and comfort for patients and visitors
  • Management of areas that require a controlled atmosphere
  • Monitoring of compliance with health and safety rules
  • Guaranteeing traceability by means of routines for deviation management and reporting 
  • Ensuring good hygiene and eliminating the risk of hospital infections

The benefits of Veolia

  • Safety: We prevent hospital infections by incorporating maintenance and health protection routines in all the services we undertake to perform. We manage the risk of Legionnaires’ disease using a special risk management system based on proven methods.
  • Traceability: We monitor sensitive indicators and continuously report on our activities to the operations centre, which is staffed round-the-clock.
  • Performance: We monitor the performance of the services we render using a variety of indicators, and then guarantee the result. We guarantee both energy performance and environmental performance, as well as the service quality of all the buildings we manage. 
  • Special services: Veolia has a comprehensive range of services, including special services for sterile healthcare equipment, management of medical gases, lab water, pool maintenance and high-risk rooms (HEPA filter).
  • Innovation: Veolia participates in research programs and collaborates with universities and colleges to invest in experimental resources.