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Hospital operation and maintenance are part of Veolia’s DNA. The group accepted its first performance-based hospital assignment back in 1937. Our operation of healthcare properties is marked by reliability and patient safety. Our maintenance expertise and technical know-how mean that our clients can feel confident in the support functions needed to run healthcare operations without disruption, while at the same time reducing the hospitals’ energy consumption and environmental impacts.

With its holistic approach and wealth of experience in building operations in sensitive environments, Veolia ensures that buildings, facilities and equipment support the hospitals’ core business. 
Region Östergötland
As an operations contractor with particular expertise in energy optimisation, Veolia provides Region Östergötland with high-quality property maintenance as well as reduced energy consumption.
Västfastigheter - Skene Lasarett
Veolia has been awarded the operating contract for Skene Hospital, which includes operational supervision and upkeep, as well as some corrective maintenance and regulatory inspection responsibilities.