Centre tri Manosque

Structure a PET recycling sector in Ivory Coast 


Operational since October 2017, This innovative waste collection platform is intended for mass recycling and the launch of a secondary raw material market (starting with PET plastic bottles purchased in the informal sector)

The pilot project has been run for 2 x 6-month periods in two parts of Abidjan: the Akouédo discharge (1,200,000 tons of waste annually) and Treichville, located in the south of the town. A mobile application can be used to put informal recyclable waste collectors (sorters, wholesalers, etc.) in contact with the platform.

This project can be used by informal workers to increase their income by reusing waste previously considered as valueless. It can be used to collect and reuse PET waste and clear bottles from gutters, lagoons and streets previously left abandoned.


Key figures 

  • Up to 15 metric tons of PET collected each month
  • 100 CFA francs (€0.15): purchase price of a kilo of PET plastic from informal collectors
  • Project deadlines:

phase 1: October 2017 – March 2018
phase 2: March to September 2018
phase 3: 2021, consolidation of the channel