Industrial waste

Act to protect the environment by collecting, recovering or destroying liquid and solid waste


Specializing in the recovery of crude oil and oil product waste for the production of recovered heavy fuel oil, Adonis prevents the dumping of several tons of waste in the natural environment and realizes important savings in terms of fuel imports in the Indian Ocean.

Its activities cover several areas: contaminated site remediation, cleaning filling stations, storage tanks and tankers, as well as ships (Marpol convention), and the collection, treatment and recovery or destruction of medical and industrial waste.

Alongside Veolia, Adonis is continuing its mission to protect the environment by collecting, recycling, recovering and destroying liquid and solid waste, particularly from crude oil and oil products. It has one goal: to become the benchmark player in this business in the Indian Ocean zone.

Key figures

  • Treatment of industrial and medical waste
  • Ship processing (Marpol)
  • Treatment of crude oil and oil product waste
  • Contaminated site remediation and oil spill response