New campaign for social connections in Niger

The challenge of access to public services in developing countries

Connecting to networked public services is an important issue for the most vulnerable households in developing countries. According to the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), their rate of access to these public services remains insufficient in many cities, creating a form of social exclusion. 

Among the obstacles to connection are costs, regulatory constraints, but also technical difficulties specific to irregular neighbourhoods. 

Faced with this inequality of access and to limit the effects of poverty, social connections are relevant tools for public service operators. 


Veolia committed to access to water for all in Niger 

In Niger, we are developing access to water for the greatest number of people through our subsidiary, the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux du Niger (SEEN). Thanks to ongoing social connection programs conducted jointly with the State, the World Bank,  AFD and the EU, Niger's population has massive access to quality drinking water. 

Since 8 June, SEEN has been pursuing its efforts to provice widespread access to drinking water by launching the 2020 social connection campaign alongside the Société de Patrimoine des Eaux du Niger (SPEN). 

With the AFD's financial support, this program will enable the construction of social connections, standpipes and small extensions in the regions of Niamey, Tahoua and Agadez.