Philippe Bourdeaux in Niger

Philippe Bourdeaux, Director of the Africa Middle East Zone, was in Niamey from 8 to 11 November. His schedule included a meeting of the Board of Directors of Société d’Exploitation des Eaux du Niger (SEEN) and meetings with the staff of Denis Reboul, SEEN’s Chief Executive Officer, as well as official meetings with Niger’s Prime Minister Mr Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou and his Minister of Water. This provided an opportunity to discuss the Government’s ambitions to develop access to water in Niger and the ongoing renegotiations of the contracts of Veolia’s subsidiary.


Who better than SEEN to deliver Niger’s fine and great ambition to achieve its 2030 goal of ensuring universal and fair access to drinking water in the country?
That was the message passed on by Philippe Bourdeaux at his summit meeting with the Nigerien government during his trip to Niamey from 8 to 11 November.

Referring to SEEN’s strong track record which, in partnership with the Ministry of Water and the SPEN, has seen the company serve more than 4 million people and significantly modernize water production and quality inspection facilities to become a real source of inspiration and a showcase of Nigerien know-how in the sub-region, Philippe Bourdeaux confirmed his intention to make the public water service in Niger a service of excellence that creates value for all and that is recognized as such on the Continent.

At his meeting with Prime Minister Mr. Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou, Veolia’s Director of the Africa Middle East Zone shared the Government’s ambitions to develop access to drinking water for the majority of the population in pastoral and rural areas, and of course to complete the supply in urban areas in order to define the new organizational arrangements for the water sector in the country.