Veolia Southern Africa is fully mobilized to maintain essential services for industrial and municipal clients

In South Africa, as everywhere else since the beginning of the crisis, business continuity plans have been put in place, mainly for drinking water production and supply, wastewater treatment and waste treatment operations preservation, which is essential for maintaining key industrial operations. 


Supplying drinking water without interruption and ensuring wastewater treatment 


Veolia Southern Africa has activated a business continuity plan to ensure a drinking water supply of sufficient quality and quantity for Overstrand  municipality and several industrial clients producing essential food products. Operational services have been organized to continuously maintain the level of staffing required to ensure the smooth running of activities. 

In order to guarantee communities’ safety, water treatment professionals continue to work daily to ensure continuity in public water services, which also cover wastewater treatment from various facilities.  Wastewater treatment is necessary to maintain public hygiene and protect the environment.


Ensuring the collection and treatment of hazardous waste


The DCLM (Dolphin Coast Landfill Management, operated by Veolia) hazardous waste landfill, as well as the Transport and Environment Divisions, have remained fully operational since the lockdown began. 

Veolia Southern Africa continues to provide reliable and uninterrupted waste management services for the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors. Today more than ever, the continuity of these services is essential to combat the spread of disease by maintaining a high level of hygiene and safety in the field (protective equipment, disinfectant, team rotation, etc.).

Our daily heroes



As a chemical engineer, Mandla Baloi currently manages two wastewater treatment plants in the Overstrand. Fully aware of all operational and maintenance aspects, he recently supervised the re-commissioning of a clarifier at the Hermanus waste water plant in the middle of a lockdown period. 





Nicolette Paulsen (Module Assembler) and Nel Fortuin (Production Operator) ensure the assembly of a refurbished TRO membrane module on the Membratek factory floor in Paarl. The Membratek division of Veolia provides this essential services to Sasol Secunda to enable them to harvest reuse water from the clear ash effluent generated in production of fuel from coal.





With over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, Martin Taylor currently manages several plants in the Gansbaai area. Martin has a very good knowledge of the area, the different plants and their operational conditions. This makes him a key player in ensuring fast communication to provide quality service to communities and clients. He recently managed and supervised the emergency repair of the Kraaibosch dam intake.