World Environment Day 2020

The United Nations (UN) has designated 5 June as World Environment Day with this year's theme "Nature Time". Without nature, there is no food, no water, no air to breathe, no climate to make our planet habitable...

“Humanity depends on taking action now to ensure a resilient and sustainable future" 


World Environment Day is an opportunity to recall the need to ensure global stewardship for the protection of nature and biodiversity, to create green jobs and to promote the transition to carbon-neutral economies.  

In these times of health crisis, it is more necessary than ever to preserve nature. There is a correlation between protecting nature and combating infectious diseases in humans. Guaranteeing the integrity of ecosystems promotes species diversity and prevents the creation of new environmental conditions favourable to the development of certain pathogens. 



Veolia is committed to accelerating ecological transformation and maximizing its positive impact on the environment 


Because water is too precious to be used only once, in Namibia we produce drinking water from wastewater.  Besides increasing the quantity of drinking water available, recycling wastewater also offers a double benefit to the environment: it avoids the use of natural resources while significantly reducing pollutant release. 

Sustainable development is also at the heart of our two subsidiaries' strategy in Morocco.  Every year, Amendis and Redal mobilize for the "Clean Beaches" operation organized by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Environment Preservation and its partners in order to promote global coastal depollution and the inhabitants' quality of life improvement.

In Niger, to address environmental issues and the immense challenge of fighting poverty, we joined forces with the Empow'her association to create L'Oasis, a third place dedicated to women's entrepreneurship but also to raising public awareness of sustainable development issues and eco-responsibility. 

In all the countries where we are present, our activities contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals achievement. We are helping to build a business model based on joint development, improved usage, recovery and recycling of resources. This is our way of respecting our ecosystem and having a positive impact on the territories where we operate. 


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