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A Power Sector Recovery Project supervised by the World Bank has been adopted by the Guinea Conakry’s Government since 2012 in order to put an end to the severe crisis of the Guinean power sector.
This project aims at improving the technical and commercial performances of the national power utility company, Electricité de Guinée (EDG) through the execution of a short term program (less than five years) focusing on technical, economic and financial aspects.
The need to decommission rolling stock presents a huge technical and environmental challenge. There are very few companies able to offer the full range of required expertise, including logistics, dismantling, asbestos removal, recovery of materials for recycling and non-recyclable waste processing.
Veolia has significantly improved Danone's waste-recycling capabilities through a tailored solution for soiled packaging.
Veolia has developed a unique process for recycling water generated during the gas-to-liquid transition so it can be fully reused on site.
Saudi Arabia
Following its construction of the Jubail I desalination plant, Veolia has been selected by Marafiq to design, build and operate Saudi Arabia’s largest reverse-osmosis desalination plant with ultrafiltration technology, known as Jubail II.
Veolia is helping a subsidiary of Sinopec to treat its wastewater more efficiently and reduce water use.
Tomago Aluminium is a leading manufacturer of aluminium products, currently representing 25% of Australia’s primary aluminium capacity. Tomago Aluminium is one of the largest aluminium smelters inoAustralia. Employing more than 1,200 people and generating revenue of more than AUD$1.5 billion annually. Tomago Aluminium is operated by Rio Tinto Alcan, Gove Aluminium Finance Ltd (CSR and AMP) and Hydro Aluminium. Part of the Hunter Region for 30 years, Tomago Aluminium is located around 13 km north-west of Newcastle. The smelter produces around 540,000 tonnes of remelt ingot, T-ingot, extrusion billet and rolling slab per year.