Our solutions in Morocco

Enfant - Eau potable - Verre - Tanger

Help Moroccan cities address urban sprawl and population growth 


In Morocco, through its subsidiaries Amendis and Redal, Veolia has made significant progress over the past 16 years in the management of essential services (water,  electricity and sanitation) in the regions of Tangier-Tetouan and Rabat-Salé. 

Service and supply rate for drinking water, electricity and sanitation as well as yield rate for water and electricity have improved considerably.  Moreover,  shoreline pollution clean-up is now a reality. 

Wastewater treatment is a primary focus for Veolia's investment in Morocco, aiming to support the strong growth of the regions. Sanitary, social, economic and environmental aspects are all considered as priorities. All treatments have been constructed according to the most modern quality standards. The pollution clean-up programme is part of a global policy to promote sustainable development and improve the quality of living of inhabitants.


Key figures (Amendis-Tétouan)

  • Efficiency: 100% service and supply rate for drinking water, electricity, and sanitation
  • Performance: 82% yield for water and 93% for electricity 
  • Savings: over 90 million mwater saved in 16 years, equivalent to 3 to 4 years of consumption
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