Our solutions in Niger

Eau potable - Usine de production - SEEN

Developing access to water for as many people as possible 


Access to water is a crucial issue in Niger - the country is ranked the lowest in the human development index introduced by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Veolia is developing access to water for as many people as possible there through its subsidiary: the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux du Niger (SEEN).

In addition to providing drinking water to millions of people in their homes, SEEN has installed stand pipes in the country’s urban centres where the infrastructure is limited and resources are scarce.

SEEN is a reference in Africa in the field of drinking water quality treatment and control as illustrated by the creation in Niamey of a new laboratory, a new national control station and the automation of the chemical treatments in the Goudel production unit.

SEEN also sets an example by fully exercising its social responsibility.


Key figures 

  • Efficiency: 245,169 inhabitants served with drinking water

  • 250 people supplied by a standpipe on average

  • Performance: 86 million mof water produced per year

  • 75 million mof water distributed per year