Create shared value

In a globalized and highly competitive economic environment, businesses can no longer continue to operate in a closed cycle. To remain competitive, they have to open up to dynamic partnerships that generate shared value.


Co-construction is a priority growth driver at Veolia. In this respect, we are inventing new contractual and economic models with our customers and partners by seeking the complementary expertise that will allow us to seize new opportunities.

The construction of tomorrow cities has to be supported by sustainable partnerships with all local actors. These partnerships will help create a more circular economy (collection and recovery of waste, access to drinking water, etc.), which is necessary in transforming the immense potential of African cities.


Group target 2020

Have established a major partnership based on the creation of shared value each business area and growth segment


3 examples  

Pay-as-you-go: smart meters invented in partnership with CityTaps in Niger
Structure a PET recycling sector in Ivory Coast
Structure a specific plastic recycling and recovery sector