AfricWaste, second phase of an innovative project

AfricWaste is an innovative project focussing on the collection of PET plastic bottles by buying them from the informal sector, since they are not recycled locally. This initiative, supported by Veolia, has identified Abidjan as trial city.

The AfricWaste proposal consists in buying used PET plastic bottles from all local communities (informal collectors, private individuals, traders, etc.). The first pilot, a 6-month exercise centred on the Akouédo rubbish dump, which collects 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, has delivered fruitful results, reaping 15 tonnes of PET waste per month.

AfricWaste is currently in the second phase of the pilot, taking place in the district of Treichville, to the south of Abidjan. This second pilot consists in buying PET plastic bottles from informal collectors via a collection point.

A smartphone application offering a solution for sellers who cannot travel is under development. The goal of the project is to supply a recycling plant in Ivory Coast, in partnership with the entire ecosystem.