Water solutions


For more than 160 years now, the traditional roles of Veolia have involved producing top quality drinking water, transporting and distributing this water to the benefit of all, but also being able to collect and treat wastewater to ensure that this water returns to the natural environment free of pollutants or is treated prior to re-use. High-level technical know-how is required for these operations.


CSC Sinopec Yanshan Oil and Gas China Water (293.16 KB)


> Designing and building treatment plants

Producing drinking water and industrial process water

Treating wastewater

Recycling treated wastewater and industrial effluent

Operating, maintaining and optimizing treatment plants

Sinopec : Entire Water Cycle Management, Beijin, China
  • Site : Yanshan, Pékin, Chine
  • Contract type : AOM
  • Duration : Phase I: started in January 2006 Phase II: May 2016 Total duration: 25 years (from 2016)
La solution Veolia :
  • Management of the full water cycle,
  • Operations and maintenance of waste water treatment facilities,
  • Process water facilities