Woodlawn Eco Precinct, NSW

Woodlawn Eco Precinct

The Woodlawn Eco Precinct is Veolia’s 6,000ha site located approximately 50km north of Canberra and comprises several facilities, including:

  • Bioreactor landfill - a municipal solid waste landfill in which liquids are added to help bacteria break down the waste, actively capturing and extracting gas to recover energy. To date, 8.5 million tonnes of waste have been safely processed
  • BioEnergy plant -  recovering clean energy generated by the waste in the Bioreactor. 
  • Agriculture - incorporating a working farm that applies nutrient and grazing rotation to help sustainably manage the site.
  • Aquaculture and horticulture -  capturing waste heat from energy production and using it for sustainable fish farming and hydroponic horticulture. 3600 kg of fish are produced annually and sold to the Canberra restaurant market
  • Mechanical and Biological Treatment - (MBT) extracting organic content from the waste to produce compost for environmental rehabilitation. 
  • A Wind Farm - (operated by Infigen Energy) that harnesses 48.3 megawatts of clean energy per year.
  • A Solar Farm-  utilising increased sun exposure from cleared land to produce 2.5 megawatts of clean energy per year.

Update on odour management

Veolia takes a proactive approach to the management of odour on site. We actively minimise odour by sealing the waste daily, then capturing and extracting gas from the landfill to produce electricity. We have also recently increased the frequency of our sampling and are investing in additional infrastructure and process improvements to allow greater capture of methane gases, which will help to minimise odour. Specifically this includes the installation of a second gas main from the Bioreactor to the Power Station and an additional gas extraction Booster to increase extraction capability, which we anticipate to be completed in June 2021. 


Processing 40% of Sydney’s putrescible waste

Exports enough power to supply over 30,000 households

Capable of managing consistent rates of waste up to and beyond 2047. 

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