Sustainable development clause

The Veolia Group applies a sustainable development policy which aims to promote human rights, to facilitate social welfare and to preserve the environment.  
In this context, all suppliers undertake to respect scrupulously the regulations applicable in these domains as well as the standards fixed by the Veolia Group, in particular in Veolia Commitments to Sustainable Development, in the declaration of commitment to Diversity and in the declaration of Commitment to accident Prevention and Health & Safety. Respecting the sustainable development clause constitutes one of the essential obligations of any agreement entered into.
1) Respecting ethics and labour law regulations
The Supplier undertakes to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as International Labour Organization conventions.
The Supplier undertakes to respect rigorously all the imperative regulations applicable by virtue of labour laws, in particular regulations governing undeclared work, child labour, forced labour and trade union rights.
The Supplier undertakes to respect the objectives of the Prevention, Health & Safety policy in force at Veolia, in particular as regards the safety regulations applicable at the work place, to deliver products and services in conditions that make it possible to minimise danger to the health and safety of its own employees as well as to the employees of Veolia, and to strive to continue to improve the health and working conditions of its employees. 
The Supplier undertakes to comply with the principles of the Diversity Action Plan implemented at Veolia, which is based on the principle that promoting pluralism and the search for diversity via recruitment and career management is a progress factor for the company.  The Supplier undertakes to:
- Comply with all applicable legislation concerning non discrimination, whether direct or indirect (within the framework of its internal management, and in particular in terms of Human Resources, at each stage of the assignments entrusted to it by Veolia);
- Ensure that its personnel are familiar with and promote the principles of non discrimination and of fighting against prejudice.
The Supplier also undertakes to ensure that its own suppliers and subcontractors respect the same obligations.
2) Protection of the environment
The Supplier undertakes to respect regulations relating to the protection of the environment and to implement the action necessary to reduce its impact on the environment, in particular via the reduction of its consumption of energy and primary resources; the reduction of waste introduced into water, the air or the ground; the elimination of accidental pollution; the reduction of waste generated by its activity and the traceability of its elimination; controlling the impact and emission of substances that are dangerous for the environment and for health.
The Supplier also undertakes not to use any subcontractors who do not respect these obligations.  
3) Monitoring by the Groupe Veolia of the action taken by the Supplier  
The Supplier undertakes to inform Veolia regarding the current state of progress of its actions in terms of sustainable development and to update this data on a yearly basis.   
Within the framework of the steps taken by Veolia to evaluate sustainable development actions implemented by its suppliers, the Supplier agrees to be evaluated and undertakes to place at the disposal of the group all the information and resources which may be required.
The Supplier also undertakes to take into account recommendations made following such evaluations, and to take the action necessary to ensure compliance and/or improvement.